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List of The Movielicious Episodes

Patrick Beja, Mark "Turpster" Turpin and Nicole Spagnuolo talk about movies playing in theaters as well as some older movies and the occasional comic series, video game, or TV show.

Prior to 2012, the hosts would attempt to choose 1 to 3 movies per show that had been released in theaters in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They would then review each of these movies, each host would provide a recommental, and Nicole would provide Quizzlers. The show was recorded and aired approximately twice a month.

In 2012, the show format changed. Currently, three episodes are recorded at once. These episodes are then released over the course of a month. Each host will take control of one of these three episodes, discussing any movies they have watched, either as full reviews or recommentals. The other hosts will also provide commentary if they have also been able to watch the movie. The quizzler and iTunes review segments remain, but in shortened form.

Show SegmentsEdit

Theme SongEdit

The theme song is by Patrick's brother's band Le Gros Tube . The name of the song is "Stand Up and Dance".

Movie ReviewEdit

Every movie is given a grade of "Wootalicious", "Woot", "Meh", and "Lame". Patrick has gone on record as saying he will not give any movie a "Meh" rating.


Patrick, Mark, and Nicole each give a recommendation from movies that the listener may have missed when it first came out.


Nicole plays 1 to 5 movie audio clips, and the hosts and chatroom try to guess the movie the clip originated from. This segment premiered in episode 24.

iTunes ReviewsEdit

The hosts will often read reviews of the show that have been posted on iTunes in their respective regions.


The end of the show includes outtakes from the recording.

Recommentals ExtraEdit

Nicole joins The Morning Stream each week to provide movie recommendations and promote The Movielicious. On this segment, Nicole discusses a few films that she has watched during her travels that are available on the Netflix Streaming. On the few occasions where she is unable to make an appearance on the show Scott, Brian, and even Scott Fletcher have filled in with their movie recommendations.

Show PostersEdit

For each show, Kichelle creates a poster, generally a photoshop composite of photos of the hosts and a movie poster.


Fans can interact with The Movielicious on facebook and Patrick's website, Frenchspin. The show's contact email is themovielicious [at] frenchspin [dot] com.