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The ultimate in Video Game podcastery, with Scott Johnson, Brian Dunaway, and Nicol Spag. New releases, reviews, retrogaming, and first plays are just some of the topics covered.

The show originally started with Final Score #01 - Arcade Youth released on 24/10/2008. Johnson, at the time, recorded the podcast without any co-hosts. The episode itself was a reflection of his gaming youth, specifically the time spent around arcade machines, and experiences with his Father own arcade buisness.

On April 9, 2010 The Final Score Returned with Scott Johnson and co-host Brian Dunaway. Scott and Brian were joined by Nicole Spagnuolo (aka Nicole Spag) of the Ladies of Leet podcast and blog by episode 20.

In December 2011, the show went on hiatus for retooling while Nicole spends time with her brand new son. It will return in 2012!

The show returned in January 2012 with an entirely new format featuring fewer segments with a more free-form style also adding in live-calls similar to the Morning Stream.

Show SegmentsEdit

Play Time! In this part of the show Scott, Brian and Nicole talk about the latest games they are playing on all platorms.


The Latest Headlines from the world of Video Games

Quick NewsEdit

A brief look at other gaming news articles/annoucements from the week.

Soundbyte MeEdit

Each week an new piece of music from the video games industry is played on the show.

New ReleasesEdit

Discussion about the latest releases in the world of gaming, mostly covering the Xbox, PS3 and PC.

Done Deal!Edit

A weekly review of great deals within the gaming community.

Odd ModEdit

Every week, TFS has a look at a mod developed by the gaming community.

Old SchoolEdit

In this part of the show, Scott, Brian and Nicole have a look at a classic game from the days of old, Every week Brian will play the game in question and post a video to youtube.

Force FeedbackEdit

A chance for The Final Score Community to have their say on the show.

Recurring After Show SegmentsEdit

Niche CornerEdit

Kevin takes you through "all those games that never quite got the recognition they deserved". The segment covers niche or forgotten games and brings them to the light so they might get some play.

Music MemoryEdit

Casey recalls soundtracks from classic games and reflects on the impact they had during their respective eras.