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Patrick Beja, also known as Patrick from France, NotPatrick, and Marty has been a major contributor to the Frogpants Network before its official formation.


The Instance[]

Patrick started off as a contributor of The Instance in a segment called "Patrick's Mod of the Week" in which he would discuss a mod that would enhance play on the MMORPG World of Warcraft. He would occasionally step in as a guest co-host.

His tenure as Instance contributor ceased once he got a job at Blizzard Entertainment, making it a conflict of interest for him.

As of 2014, Patrick has left his job at Blizzard and joined the Instance as a full-time host alongside Scott, Dills, and Turpster.


On a bi-weekly basis, Patrick is joined by friendly rival Mark "Turpster" Turpin and Nicole Spagnuolo. They examine the movies currently in theatres, depending on availability in France, Britain, and the US. Each movie is given a score of "Woot" "Meh" or "Lame". Patrick has gone on record as saying he will not give a movie a "Meh" because he wants to make sure each movie has a strong positive/negative review. They also give out reccomendations of older films that listeners should check out in their Recomentals secion.

The Phileas Club

Patrick discusses news from around the world with guests, and gets unique views on the world around them.