A running joke on The Morning Stream is that Scott Johnson doesn't correctly introduce Justin Robert Young of the NFSW Podcast when he comes on The Morning Stream for the segment "Weird Things". In Justin's first episode--#52--Justin calls Scott "John Scottson", and Scott apologizes for screwing up Justin's name. Later in the episode, Scott starts to call Justin "Robert Justin Young" again, and then changes it to "Robert Justin Derringer Young, III."

The changing of Justin's name happened so frequently that on episode 118 Justin stated that there should be somewhere showing the evolution of how Scott had missaid his name.

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Evolution of Justin Robert Young's Name, By EpisodeEdit

Episode Number Date Name
49 04/18/2011 Justin Robert Young
50 04/19/2011 Robert Justin Young
52 04/21/2011
Justin Robert Young
Robert Justin Derringer Young, III
Justin Michael Hall (by Brian Ibbott)
Justin Austin Green (by Brian Ibbott)
64 05/12/2011 Justin Thomas Howard (by Brian Ibbott)
68 05/19/2011
Robert Justin Young
RJY (in show notes)
Robert Young Justin
Justin Austin Green (by Brian Ibbott)
72 05/26/2011 Robert
76 06/02/2011 JRY
80 06/09/2011 JRY
86 06/23/2011 Brian Scott Young
96 07/14/2011 Dingus Robert Green
Brian Austin Greer Greer Green
Brian Austin Green
102 07/27/2011 Brian Austin Green
103 07/28/2011 Brian Austin Green
Justin Robert Aaron Green, III
107 08/04/2011
Brian Austin Greer
Justin Seymore Hoffman
Justin Senior Hoffman
William Brian Austen Green II Cornelius the 5 Greer
110 08/10/2011 Brian Austin Greer Green
111 08/11/2011 Larry Peters Wellsworth, III Esq.
114 08/17/2011 Justin Robert Green
115 08/18/2011 Brian Falcon Pierce
Justin Robert Brian Greenfield III, Esq. (Danger)
Justin Robert Green
117 08/24/2011 Justin Robert Greer Young, III
118 08/25/2011 Phillip Morris Hall

Brian Greer and Austin Green... Brian... Justin Robert Young! ("I really was going to say it right that time")

William Felton Hoops
121 08/31/2011 Brian Reardon Phillips
122 09/01/2011
Rierdon Pearson Phillips
Justin Sergeant York
124 09/06/2011 Richard Alpert Fleen
129 09/14/2011 Justin Robert Green
130 09/15/2011
Albert Phillip Morris
Pritchard Von Doon
Egbert Von Cheeseface Nuremberg
Justin Robert Peterson
132 09/20/2011 Philip Seymour Hoffman
133 09/22/2011
Justin Robert Pierce
Frederick Nelson Reilly
Justin Robert Emo Phillips
134 09/26/2011 Brian Justin Pierce
137 10/03/2011 Justin Robert Phillips
138 10/04/2011 Justin Gordon-Levitt
139 10/05/2011 Robert Phillip Morris
140 10/06/2011
Brian Greer Penis Phillips, III
Brian Austin Phallus, III
Justin Robert Green
Justin Robert Green Phillips, Jr., III
146 10/19/2011
Franklin Seymour Hoffman
Franklin Montag Jefferson
Jefferson Franklin Montag, III
151 10/27/2011 Justin Robert Greer Green
152 10/31/2011 Justin Peters Filmore McGillicutty, III
159 11/10/2011 Justin Robert Young, Esq., III
181 12/29/2011 Justin Robert Pierson, III
185 01/05/2012 Brian Austin Green
204 02/13/2012 Brian Austin Greer
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