Episode 107 8/4/11 (Morning Stream)

Opening TalkEdit

The He-man Video was fun to put together. Hosts Scott and Brian are passing on Cowboys & Aliens, but Scott will see for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Remembering the Indiana Jones series. Brian finally sees Captain America, in 3-D.

Word of the DayEdit

Man - Mike/Icewarm

Stump a TrekNerd - Darrel (Von Trout) the TrekNerd Edit

In the TNG Episode Identity Crisis, Lt. Susanna Leijton is exposed to a mysterious illness on Tarchannen III ; Dr. Crusher uses which device to try and stop the infection?

A. The Green filter
B. The protoplaser
C. Osteoregenerator
D. The T-Cell Stimulator

Darrell brings up two Star Trek birthdays, including, unexpectedly, Lucille Ball.


IQ-Browser connection was fake. Take that, Opera snobs.

Earth's moon may have been shaped by a crash of multiple satellites.

Breaking News: Virginia Tech locked down because of gunman sighting.

Teen says man in ski mask puts bomb around her neck.

Budweiser gets new look.

Man arrested for trying to split an atom at home. Leads to discussion of the top 3 things in a Scooby Doo cartoon. Daphne (Velma) looses her glasses, a chase scene involving filing cabinets, and the "Old Man McGillicutty" reveal.

Mashup Edit

Episodes 97-100 - Freakish Lemon

Cover InterstitialEdit

Hot and Cold, by Katy Perry - Performed by The Baseballs

Therapy ThursdaysEdit

Eating DisordersEdit

Ben in Wisconsin writes in about bipolar disorder, mixed with prescription drugs with some significant side-effects, and resulting weight issues. Wendi talks about emotion management, and the self-image of weight. Food, when associated with good or bad feelings, is powerful. Overeaters Anonymous is recommended. "Did you get my email last night about a banana?" Wendi explains the life of a banana, and advises a bonding ritual to enjoy and appreciate the banana. Eating healthily reveals to a person how much better life is.

WeirdThings - Justin Robert YoungEdit

Man gets cursed for killing 2 dogs. He goes to extreme measures to cure the curse. D&D in prison in legal battle, and a woman who can travel through time are also featured.

Celebrity PoopEdit

Katie Couric slips up, suggests castrating Miley Cyrus.

Marg Helgenberger says goodbye to CSI.

Bubba Smith dies at 66.

Weird WebEdit

Brought to you by: Trailer Trash. When regular trash just won't do, think trailer trash.

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich features "pretty good" photoshop work.


Brought to you by the US. Navy, where all of our submarines are hard and full of seamen.

Washing poo off of mushrooms has little negative effects Scott McCousky.

Dr. Timothy Richardson writes about his 6-year-old watching TNG. The child wants to watch Q episodes, and Dr. Richardson wonders if letting him do so will deprive him of anything important.

Breakfast BrawlEdit

Previous Brawl: Sith wins over Jedi

Current Brawls: X-files versus Fringe AND Farscape versus SG-1

Closing CoverEdit

Hackensack, by Fountains of Wayne, performed by Katy Perry