Opening Talk The hosts discuss E.F. Hutton, inspired by the opening clip, a commercial for the brokerage firm from the 80s. Brian did not see Captain America. Transformers' rating is low; Scott hasn't seen Cars 2.

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All But - Darrell the TrekNerd

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Scott enjoys watching Captain America through the eyes of his son. After the film, he encounters an inconsiderate youth, and responds to him in kind.

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Question submitted by Mike

In TOS Episode: the Squire of Gothos, Trelane creates an illusion of Earth's past, when he meets the crew of the enterprise. He claims that the earth is his hobby. How far in the past does Kirk tell Trelane that he and his illusion are from?

A. 600
B. 800
C. 1000
D. 900

Darrell submits a TOS clip suggesting that Abraham Lincoln killed hitler, then guesses correctly before the options are even given.


Brought to you by: the ghost of The Creep ; Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

Obama announces debt-reduction deal. Scott suggests soveriegn debt should be treated like personal debt. Brian links, which is depressing.

  • A study compares IQ with browser choice. IE6 is at the bottom; Opera takes top IQ marks.
  • Anthony Weiner not to overshare on Dancing with the Stars.
  • Foxconn to replace portion of its workers with 1 million robots. Scott remarks on the state of Foxconna and Nike factories.
  • Morrissey issues statement explaining comment comparing Norway Massacre to fast food. Scott thinks Morrissey is hypocritical for even bringing it up, complaining about media overexposure. Morrissey music clips ensue.

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Major Spoilers - Stephen SchleicherEdit

Smurfs ties Cowboys & Aliens at the Box Office. Harrison Ford is sick of Star Wars. Spiderman Dies, and replacement may be black.

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  • Animated Mister Rogers spin-off announced , starring Daniel Tiger. The hosts' conversation discussion on the original show brings forth some disturbing realizations about it. "What could be creepy about a mailman named Mr. McFeely?

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Brought to you by The B.S. Reviewers Podcast

Spock is not Impressed


  • Link request to the maphook group - Sam from New Castle, via iPhone
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan takes Eric Clapton's seat on fatal flight - TPad
  • Saturn return suspected responsible for coincidental deaths at age 27 - Tony Silvia

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Last week's brawl #38: PC versus Mac. PC wins at ~70%

Today's Brawl: Silverhawks versus Thundercats

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Kevin Rose asks , "is podcasting dead?"

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The Great Beyond by REM, performed by Fray.