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Big News of the WeekEdit

Major 4.2 Previews hit, just in time for 4.1 to be yesterday’s news. We’ve got the hot points. We also talk about Scott’s issues with the game since the patch. Kind of a nightmare!

Rumors & ScuttlebutEdit

A look at Teir 12 ladies and gentlemen. Direct X 11 and a few other signs, that 4.1 is the precursor to some graphical upgrades! According to Bit Gamer, “We haven’t tried it ourselves yet, but judging by the comparison screenshots the new graphical effects offered within WoW aren’t spectacular. Spells and characters now cause reflections in lava and water – that’s about it. That said, Cataclysm is still in beta, so hopefully we’ll see some further updates in the future – as well as the quashing of the few graphical bugs that DX 11 mode can currently cause in WoW.” Do we expect WoW to evolve to catch up to newer hardware? Do we care about this at all? Is wow just fine as it is?

Tom’s Hardware dot come did a direct comparison of Dx9 and 11 to see what the differnces are, and they are pretty significant when it comes to framerate. (None of this has much to do with Mac clients, but expect more there as well.)

Drop of the WeekEdit

Blizzcast 16 – The best preview we will probably get out of blizzard for months on this upcoming content explosion.