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Big News of the WeekEdit

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you remote guild chat! Using their iPhone, iPod or Android device, players will soon be able to access guild chat, officer chat, and send whispers to guild members without ever logging into the game! This in addition to the auction house functionality, already present in the game. We predicted this eventuality a long time ago!

Blizzard wants better LFG. You wan’t better stuff. Boy do we have a deal for you! And a little bit of clarification as well.

Rumors & ScuttlebutEdit

The “maze” of the Wailing Caverns has been removed, that’s basically half of the instance. Ask the Devs – Answers #4: Armor and Weapons. Some big talk from the big man: Ghostcrawler, regarding gear and stats. We talk all about it.

Drop of the WeekEdit

World of Warcraft Hockey Jerseys Now Available! Check out the announcement on Blizzard’s site, and head to Swagdog for more!