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Big News of the WeekEdit

You can be exalted…just like grandpa used to.
“After a player-base melt down of catalclysmic proportions over the last couple of weeks, Blizzard has decided to back down from their decision to devalue the Exalted Title. Bashiok tells the tale…

“”Recently we changed ‘the Exalted’ title to require 50 exalted titles up from 40, which meant those that had achieved it were now asked to get 10 more reputations to gain the title back. We felt this kept the title as a difficult reward given the additional reputations introduced with Cataclysm, and also avoided the problem of achievement inflation as the game continues to grow, devaluing the reward.”

Times, they are a changing…in raiding. “4.0.6Edit

Brought all sorts of goodies to the table last week, ranging from the usual bug fixes, dungeon tweaks, and gear tuning. But we don’t care so much about that stuff.==== The patch drove into town with all kinds of class and spec tweaks, we just couldn’t look away. So without further ado, lets peal back the onion and see what’s inside! The new king of the DPS hill is… Shadow Priests.

We read a bunch of your tweets about what you dislike the most about 4.0.6.

WoW and SC theme park happening in China, without Blizzard involvementEdit

Just when you thought you might never see a theme park based on the imaginative IP’s of Blizzard Entertainment, along comes the worlds second largest economy to save the day, and pirate everything! China is building a Blizzard Theme Park! SHHHH! Don’t tell Morhiem!

Rumors & ScuttlebutEdit

The Hotfixes are a comin. Community Manager Bashiok piped up in the forums and gave us the skinny on a few of the upcoming hotfixes to the world of the warcraft:

Is 2011 the year of Diablo III?Edit

Our opinions on whether or not we get this game before 2011 is over, and why.

Drop of the WeekEdit

How are your Deeps? Look it up! Stateofdps is just about the best place to find out how your damage is doing among the classes, and how that might have changed from patch to patch.

Bonus DropEdit

Macro Explain-O-Matic – From James