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Big News Of The WeekEdit

This Chat Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Hundred Of UsEdit

This week, Blizzard changed the landscape for MMO players of several varieties – again. With very little warning that something of this sort was coming, they announced big updates to the WoW mobile armory. Nethaera said, “Coming soon in an update to the Mobile Armory app available in the iTunes App Store and Android Market, this new feature will allow all World of Warcraft Remote subscribers the ability to chat with their guildies right from their mobile device. Access to the guild chat feature is included for no extra charge in the $2.99 World of Warcraft Remote Auction House premium monthly subscription. In addition, soon after the launch of the mobile version we’re planning on adding the ability for premium subscribers to use Guild Chat through any browser on the Armory website. Guild Chat will allow you to chat with your guildmates via Guild Chat, Officer Chat, and Whispers.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

QQ: A DramatizationEdit

We have a little fun with what Ghostcrawler said.

Rapid Fire Rumors And Scuttlebutt!

New Tinkertown and The Fight for Gnomeregan!

Heroic dungeons are now available in the beta!

The Early Stages Of Pre-Cataclysm Events Have Begun on the PTRs!

It’s Brewfest!! But you already knew that, right?

Town CryerEdit

Finrodel from the Argent Dawn server writes: Diablo 3!! Are you guys still excited for it? Or do you think that it will linger in Cataclysm’s shadow?

El Ciego on Muradin writes: I don’t know if my priest will be at lvl 80 by the launch of the pre-cata event. Do you think this will greatly limit my participation in the event to come?

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Kill! Or Be Killed! Try To Enjoy It!Edit

The Cataclysm expansion brings along with it an overhaul to PvP in many ways, and none are so unpredictable as rated battlegrounds, which is to say – it is very hard to imagine what the PvP landscape will feel like in six months. We all may be looking back on this time, and the last few years, and reminiscing.

Well you can’t reminisce if you haven’t done stuff! So stop being gruff, get off your duff and kill some…. people. Hit the battlegrounds and kill faster, pussycat!