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Big News Of The WeekEdit

Blizzard Is Flying HighEdit

With a little over two months to go until their celebration of all that is Blizzard, the makers of World Of Warcraft seem to have really hit their stride this week, with the future looking quite bright. At least, we think that’s the case. Maybe.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

Saturday’s All Right For FightingEdit

OK, they weren’t fighting. Actually, it was just a friendly discussion. Saturday night, Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street sparred with posters in the game DPS forum in a thread called “Dude, why my totem?”

Rapid Fire Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

What more need be said? This week, we decided to hit several topics in this segment that are mostly unrelated, completely unfounded, and don’t need much discussion.


-The Southern Barrens!

-Reforging is in the beta!

-The new beta patch notes are getting big. Really big. Still no addons, though.

-They’re still playing Warcraft III competitively for money!

Town CryerEdit

Can you decipher the mystery call of the week?

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Fight For Undercity!Edit

This is the eleventh in our limited series, wherein we’re highlighting things for you to do in WoW that you might not ever get to do again after the Cataclysm.

We learned this week that the epic Battle Of Undercity questline so many players have yet to ever do… may be going away in Cataclysm. It appears that the mechanics of the event itself (as well as some of the lore logic) just make it impossible for Blizzard to carry it forward, so it may just disappear.